Thursday, February 22, 2018


I have watched so many 'Newborn Must Haves' videos that I didn't know that I was going to make this post. I decided to make a post thought, because a few of my favorite items, I haven't seen in too many videos.

#1 The DockATot
We originally had no plan to co-sleep with Lennox, it was never something we wanted or thought was a good idea. Lennox had other plans. We tried to have her sleep in a bassinet beside the bed, but she would not sleep in it. As soon as we got the DockATot and put her in it, she started sleeping better.

#2 Love to Dream Swaddle 
Her sleep got even better when we put her in this. She never liked being swaddled with her arms in. She was an escape artist from day one. She has slept like an angel since we started using the Swaddle.  She technically doesn't weigh enough to be using this yet, but it doesn't seem that big on her actually. She loves being able to have her hands by her face to sleep.

#3 Cloud 9 Jammies
These are the best jimmies I have come across. They zip from the top, so it makes changing diapers at dream. They also have elastic around the ankle, so her feet stay in the foot part. They also come in a pack of 3 for $12.99, so they are super affordable!

#4 Copper Pearl Swaddle Blanket
I already did a full review on these blankets, so check that out if you want more information. These blankets are great for the car seat, and just everyday use.

#5 Nose Frieda
I think this thing is on everyone's must have list. There is a reason for that and it's because it is amazing! Lennox has had nasal congestion multiple times since coming home and the Frieda is the only thing that helps clear her out.

#6 Como Tomo Bottles
Lennox is not bottle picky (thank the Lord), so we have have bottles from Avent, ComoTomo, and Joovy. The Avent bottles are a last resort bottle for my husband and I, we just don't love them. The Joovy bottles are my husbands favorites and the ComoTomo are my favorite. They are the easiest to clean and Lennox seems to like to hold on to them more than the other bottles.

#7 Zoli Buzz B Electric Nail File
As a first time Mama, I was terrified of clipping Lennox's nails. Especially with her being a premie. her nails were so tiny. When I came across the Buzz B, I knew i needed it. Lennox lets me file her nails with no problems, even when she's sleeping. It doesn't cause her any pain or discomfort and does a great job!

#8 Nylon Headbands
Preparing for a little girl meant buying all the headbands and bows I could get my hands on. I was not prepared for the head of a premie. Of the stash of headbands that I had collected for Lennox, only 3-5 actually fit her premie sized head. I finally found nylon headbands, and I couldn't be happier. They stay on her head, they don't leave marks or indentions and they are absolutely adorable!

Those are my top 8 newborn must haves! Let me know if we have any of the same must haves, or if you have something you would love to recommend!


Tuesday, February 6, 2018


If you're like me, then you love searching Instagram for cute baby clothes. I can spend an hour jumping from one photo to the next, checking out links and drooling over adorable clothes. Recently, I came across June & January. The bright colors, basic patterns, and simply styles immediately drew me in. The prices made me cry a little inside, because I needed everything. Which is just not possible. However, I signed up for their email list and soon began receiving special offers on Fridays. They have Flash Sale Fridays, and they are great deals! They also have a pretty good selection of sale items. Personally, I have bought 2 grab bags and the items I received are amazing! I've also purchased some items used from Poshmark and Ebay. Lennox now has a whole capsule wardrobe of June and January!

I could not be happier with the quality of the clothes. They wash well and are a really nice thick cotton/spandex material. I had one little hiccup with using a promo code. I emailed the customer service and was replied to promptly and refunded the difference.

I love that the company comments and like photos posted on instagram. I just makes me happy to know that they see and appreciate how much we love their clothes.

If you want to get a discount code for 20% off, use my link {HERE}

Without further ado, here are some adorable photos of Lennox in her June & January clothes!

Follow me on Instagram {HERE}

Booties {HERE}

Bodysuit {HERE}
Knee High Socks {HERE}

Playsuit {Out of season}
Headband {HERE}
Bodysuit {HERE}
Knee High Socks {HERE}

Cardigan {HERE}
Headband {HERE}

Friday, January 19, 2018


Today I'm sharing something really fun! Lennox's nursery was so much fun to decorate, even though it was a lot of work finding just the right pieces that I was looking for. I also got to make a lot of things in her room, so it's really a work of love!

I tend to fall more along the lines of over decorating than simple decorating. I think I'm this way because I have a really hard time narrowing down the things I like and then end up just keeping everything.

Her room never had a specific concept or theme. I tried to stick to a color scheme of pinks, gold and white. I also tend to lean towards boho/tribal in most of my decor, but I also had to throw in flamingos because they are my favorite and I hope Lennox likes them too.

The first thing I bought for her room was the large rug. The paint color and everything after was based around the rug. I absolutely fell in love with it!

Wayfair Mistana Decker Pink Rug {HERE}
Hobby Lobby Pink Tassel Pillow
Jo Ann's Fabrics Letter Board {HERE}
Target Gold Dot Crib Sheet {HERE}
Hand Made Items: Pom Pom Crib Skirt, Tassel Hanging Piece, Flower Mobile 

Amazon Teepee Shelf {HERE}
Target Curtains {HERE} (I hemmed them to fit our windows)
Hobby Lobby Furry Pink Rug 
Handmade Items: Teepee, stick teepee.

Ubbi Diaper Pail {HERE}
Ikea Malm Dresser {HERE}
Ikea Faux Pink Flowers and Gold Pail
Ikea Pink Potted Plant
Handmade items: Changing pad cover, headband holder.

Dreamcatcher is handmade.
Table and baskets are a few years old and I'm not sure where we got them.

Target Succulent Wall Hanging {HERE} (I use mine for pacifiers)
Target Gold Heart {HERE}
Target Gold Diamond {HERE}
Target Agate Shadow Box {HERE}
Etsy Prints {HERE} and {HERE}
All of the frames are from Homegoods and Michaels.
Handmade items: Rose watercolor, geode watercolor, glitter L, Mason jar floral arrangement.

Target Cube Organzier
Babies R Us Cube Cloth Drawers

Handmade Measuring Stick

Handmade You Are Loved Sign

Well I hope you enjoyed this little peek into Lennox's nursery. 


Sunday, December 31, 2017


I don't know about you, but my absolute favorite thing to do after Christmas is binge watch 'What I Got for Christmas' YouTube videos. I love seeing what other people get and I also get a ton of ideas for things I want to get. I hate that most YouTubers have to give a disclaimer that they aren't bragging and that presents aren't the meaning of Christmas...blah, blah, blah. Seriously, people who leave nasty comments like that are stupid. They are ridiculously requested videos and I'm not the only person in the world that enjoys them, so they are obviously just giving their subscribers what they want.

Okay, rant over. I'm not going to give a disclaimer. Read my post if you want, and don't if you think I'm bragging!

Longchamp Large Le Pliage Tote in Black {HERE}
Nike Tanjun Sneakers in Sheen/White {HERE}
Kendra Scott Delaney Necklace in Gold/Black {HERE}
Chanel Gabrielle Perfume {HERE}
Benefit Hula Light Bronzer {HERE}
Tarte Maneater Mascara in Black {HERE}
Apple iPhone Charging Cord {HERE}
Hot Tools 1 1/4 24K Gold Curling Iron {HERE}
And more peanut butter cups than I could hope for!!!

I was absolutely spoiled this year and so was miss Lennox! I mean who doesn't love buying baby girl stuff? I can't wait for next year when she will actually be able to open some stuff!

Tell me what your favorite gift you received this year was!



Thursday, December 14, 2017


If you're reading this, you are probably familiar with Copper Pearl. You're probably wondering if their products are worth the hype and worth the price. I'm here to tell you, as someone who actually forked out the cash to buy the products that I have, that they are 100% worth it.

I started out with buying two swaddle blankets in Lily and Bloom and a newborn hat in Lily. My first impression was that they were so soft and so stretchy. As Lennox is my first child, I wasn't sure exactly what I would want in a swaddle blanket, but assumed soft and stretchy were important factors.

Now I have been able to use them with her and compare them to other blankets like hospital blankets, Aden + Anais blankets, and other blankets. I can tell you that these blankets are the best! They are definitely the ones I go back to again and again. They are the only swaddle blankets that we have that she can't wiggle her arms out of. While we were in the hospital, we had a lot of different nurses and doctors come through and EVERY single one of them commented on the Copper Pearl blankets. They would start out by saying how cute the colors and patterns were, but then once they got their hands on them they commented on the softness and how amazing they were to swaddle the baby with. Multiple nurses asked for the company name so they could buy them for their little ones.

After my first order, I immediately started trying to figure out what I wanted to try next. I ended up setting my eye on the Bloom Bundle. It comes with everything shown below.

Bloom Bundle
I am happy with all of the products. There are a couple negatives, but nothing that makes me think I made a bad purchase. So the first thing is that I have noticed some pilling on the swaddle blankets. I have kind of put them through the wringer though. With Lennox being in the NICU we had to change and wash her blankets daily. So they have been washed a lot of times because they were my favorites to use. Another negative is that bloom print on the burp cloth and the bib is slightly colored different than it is on the swaddle, hat and car seat cover. It doesn't really bother me, but i did see someone mention it in a review.

I can't wait to make more purchased from Copper Pearl!

Have you purchased anything from Copper Pearl? If so, what and do you like it?


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

WEEK 2 & 3 : NICU

After being transferred to the Special Care Unit, we thought we would only be there a few days as Lennox has been progressing so well in the NICU. She had been maintaining her temperature and was continually gaining weight. Those are two of the criteria for being released from the hospital. The final criteria is that she would be taking all of her feedings by bottle for 24 hours.

When we left the NICU, she had only been taking a few milliliters of her feeding each time. Everyone that we asked about how to get her to take her full feeding by bottle gave us the same story. They said that it's like a lightbulb, it's turned off, you may get a few flickers, and then one day it is turned on and it stays on. They said there is no way to rush it.

The next two weeks in the Special Care Unit were miserable! My husband and I were staying every night, trying to figure out the best way to handle the every 3 hour feeding schedule. The schedule wasn't what made it so miserable. The part that made the experience so bad was the light bulb flickers. She would get so close to taking a full feeding, or even take a full feeding. We would get our hopes up, only for them to be crushed 3 hours later when she only took 15 mL. It got to the point that I was literally crying because I thought we would never get out of there. All of our family and friends didn't understand why we couldn't leave and them asking why and not understanding the process only made things harder. I hated the fact that we couldn't leave, but I understood why and no amount of explaining made sense to them. Everyone (and their Mom) knows a baby that weighed less, or was born earlier, or had more issues, etc that was able to leave the hospital in less time than we had been able to. What no one seemed to understand was that every hospital has their own rules and every baby is different. Lennox was gaining weight, but only because they were feeding her what she wouldn't drink, through the NG tube. If she would only be drinking what she took from the bottle (like how it would be at home), then she wouldn't be gaining weight and she would rapidly decline. We just had to give her the time she needed to take all of her feedings by bottle.

Her nurses for the most part were great, but they hadn't been super helpful on teaching us what to do to get her to eat better. Some said to rub her head, others said to try a wet wipe on her face to keep her awake. All of their tips maybe helped during one feeding, but then wouldn't work the next time.

Finally after 2 weeks in the special care unit we got the nurse who would make all the difference. She told us to tap the bottom of the bottle while the baby was feeding. She said I can't say why it works, but she said it is amazing the difference it makes. She said to sing a song in your head and tap to the beat. In the next 24 hours, I probably sang jingle bells 800 times in my head. My husband and I would see if we could guess what song the other was tapping to pass the time. She said they really aren't supposed to give us that tip because they want your baby to take the full feeding without help or prompting. She said, if you follow that rule then you'll be here forever. We are super thankful she gave us the tip.

Lennox took a full feeding at 8:00 PM on Sunday and she continued to take each full feeding after that for 24 hours. at 5:00 PM on Monday we asked to see the doctor to see if we could get the heck out of the hospital. The doctor came in and said that if we promised to take her to her pediatrician the next day and if she could pass the car seat test, then we could be released that night. We of course were like yes, we will do whatever it takes to get out of there.

The car seat test is where the baby must be strapped in the car seat for 90 minutes and not have any breathing issues while in there. Thankfully, she passed and we were able to go home!

{coming home outfit pants and headband from Jax + Jay}

I can not tell you how amazing it felt to drive home with my baby after 3 weeks of being stuck in the hospital.


Monday, November 27, 2017


Lennox Eleese was born at 9:28PM on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 weighing in at 4 lbs 12 oz and measuring 17 inches long. She was immediately taken to the NICU due to her gestation age of 33 weeks and 3 days. She was placed on a CPAP to help her with her breathing. I was able to visit on my way back from the OR. She was the absolute most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I wasn't able to stay long before I was taken to my own room. I could not wait to get back to see her. However, I had to wait until I was able to walk on my own before I could go down to the NICU again. The next day at 6AM I was able to walk to the wheel chair and make my way to the NICU. Due to her condition and being on the CPAP, we were unable to hold her. We could touch her though and that provided some relief. I visited multiple times that day. It was hard to understand all of the monitors and what they meant and what we wanted them to read.

The next day at 1AM we received a phone call that Lennox was being intubated due to her not responding well to the CPAP. Her breathing was too fast and too labored for the CPAP. It was incredibly scary. In addition to her breathing issues, a chest X-ray also revealed cloudy lungs, which they said could be pneumonia. She was put on antibiotics for that. Later that day a doctor detected a heart murmur, so an echocardiogram was ordered. We were told this is pretty normal in premies and not to worry about it.

That evening I was finally able to hold Lennox and have skin to skin time with her. It was amazing and the tears flowed freely. It finally felt like I was a Mom. After a couple hours though, our time was cut short by Lennox extubating herself on me. It was incredibly scary, but ended up being a blessing in disguise. The doctor's and respiratory therapists decided to try her back on the CPAP, before intubating her again. One day on the ventilator apparently worked some magic because she was able to tolerate the CPAP.

The rest of the first week was a blur of watching monitors, praying for continued health, and trying to keep my mind off my sick baby. Fortunately, after a week on the CPAP, they were able to remove the CPAP and she was moved to the special care unit. She is still monitored 24/7, but she has her own room and the nurses stay in the hallway for their shifts, except when they are preparing bottles or checking vitals. My husband and I are also able to stay the night with her. It's also one step closer to going home!